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May 13, 2022

Drummond Fights Back Against False Attack Ad 

Says the facts clearly show he did not give to Biden 

Gentner Drummond, Republican candidate for Oklahoma attorney general, is fighting back against the false claim in a recent attack ad by his opponent, John O’Connor. 

“I did not donate to Biden and the facts and evidence clearly and plainly prove it,” said Drummond. “The ad is false and John knows it. I’m beginning to understand much more clearly why a report from his colleagues noted serious concerns about his ethics.” 

Records from the Federal Election Commission show that a donation was made to Biden using Drummond’s name, but it was never authorized and a refund was issued. 

Federal records show the contribution as “false” and “unauthorized.” 

Drummond has been aware of this issue since the unauthorized contribution was charged to his credit card. Understanding how politicians are willing to lie about their political opponents to win an election, Drummond delivered a certified letter to John O’Connor explaining the matter.

“I sent the Attorney General a letter explaining what happened, and I had hoped he would be above playing this kind of dirty political game,” said Drummond. “In fact, he and I met shortly after he was appointed and agreed we would run a clean campaign. He gave me his word he would not run a single negative ad. So much for that.” 

The Drummond campaign released a TV ad in response to the false attack, featuring law enforcement from around Oklahoma calling the allegations “desperate.” Cleveland County Sheriff Chris Amason highlighted Drummond’s $5,000 contribution to President Trump. 

“The Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General is built on a foundation of truth,” said Drummond, Sadly, John has sullied the office and damaged his reputation with this false, negative attack. As attorney general, I will always fight for truth. I will defend our rights and uphold the rule of law. I will serve the people of Oklahoma, not the corrupt political establishment.” 


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